'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': The Brothers Baskauskas think they're in charge

On the latest episode of "Survivor: Blood vs. Water," it's time for one of the Redemption Islanders to rejoin the game -- who ya got, John or one of the Lauras?GalangBut first, Vytas makes sure he has the women wrapped around his finger, spinning tales of the four of them plus Aras and Gervase in a strong alliance of six. But he's totally full of it. It's a good strategy, these women are eating out of Vytas' hand. Redemption IslandLaura B. spins her tale of woe, but you have to think John is doing a happy dance in his head about who he is competing against in the duel. Laura B. says it's a huge mistake for Galang to take out her instead of Vytas and we have to say -- she's 100 percent correct. She's an easy vote later, plus she won't defect to team up with her loved one because she doesn't have...



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