American Horror Story Recap: This Girl Is on Pyre


If you thought Halloween festivities ended last week, well, you were in for as rude an awakening as Madame LaLaurie’s progeny. Let’s have at it, my friends.


At Delphine’s special All Hallow’s Eve Ball in 1833, her daughters meet the dashing Jacques, whom Delphine invites to see her “Chamber of Horrors.” Although the chamber may be decked out à la Phantom of the Opera, it contains a Bobbing-for-Eyes bowl and a tub of human intestines that resembles a demonic Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi Special. The daughters, totally aware that this is the No. 1 worst way to meet a man, conspire to kill Delphine — Borquita being the most vocal of the three. But their mother uncovers their plan and has them locked up along with her other gross oddities for a year. She then tells Borquita that, as a special Christmas present, she will fill her mouth with feces. That Lifebuoy isn’t looking so bad now, is it, Ralphie?  Read More...


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