'The Tomorrow People': Big revelations in 'All Tomorrow's Parties'

"The Tomorrow People" isn't pulling any punches when it comes to revealing the show's secrets. In "All Tomorrow's Parties," the audience gets a glimpse at ULTRA's "man behind the curtain." Cara finds out John's dark secret. And Astrid finally gets an answer to her many burning questions about Stephen.It's exciting, and it may be the best "Tomorrow People" episode yet.Their own worst enemy?Summoned by the still mysterious big boss of ULTRA, Stephen gets a bit of a shock when he learns that the man in charge is a Tomorrow Person. How does that work exactly? We don't learn to much about this right away, but there are undertones of war and choosing sides.This will all become very important eventually. The important things right now are that Jedikiah has a boss, and even the Big Boss can't read Stephen's mind.Eat, drink and be merry, for Tomorrow People may dieInstead of doing the usual thing of...



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