'Survivor's' John Cody: Brad Culpepper made a 'strategic error' voting me out

John Cody lasted a long time on "Survivor's" Redemption Island this season, just missing re-entering the game at the merge when he lost the final duel. He tells Zap2it that it was frustrating to be faced with a challenge that clearly did not favor him.Are you glad you did "Survivor"? Was it everything you hoped it would be?"It wasn't everything I hoped it would be because I hoped to be sitting at the end and pleading my case at the final tribal council, but I'm definitely glad that I did it. It was an awesome experience, a great opportunity. And even though things didn't work out the way I hoped, it still was incredible."You lasted so long on Redemption Island, how frustrating was it to lose to someone who had not been there very long?"Well, that was frustrating, definitely. But it wasn't like Laura M. had just shown up, she'd been out there for five...



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