Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 2 (Channel 4) Review

I wasn’t completely sold on last week’s series premiere of Fresh Meat but, now that we’re back in the swing of things, I’m a lot more hopeful. Repeated storylines seem to be less repetitive and others completely new, and this all adds up to a solid second episode that’s as warm as it’s taken past series weeks to get to. This show is at its best when the group are together and, with Vod and Javier getting married, that’s the perfect excuse.

The marriage – real on his side but not so much on hers – is a means to an end. Javier can’t fly back home because he has no money and he can’t get a job because he’s illegal so, full of bright ideas, Vod decides that marrying him is the fastest way to get him out of her life. When he gets a job and buys a plane ticket, she can dump him with an almost clear conscience. And she’s not the only one of the housemates who’s desperate to get rid of their significant other, as Kingsley discovers that dating two women isn’t as much as fun as forecast.



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