Arrow Season 2 “Keep Your Enemies Closer”

We’ve spent a great deal of the season dealing with Oliver’s inner demons, so this episode of Arrowwas a bit of a departure. Oliver’s angst mostly took a backseat to Dig’s issues. While Oliver and Dig were on a job, Dig was contacted by the super secret government agency that Lyla works for. Actually, they tasered Dig, threw a bag over his head, kidnapped him and zip-tied him to a chair just so they could let him know that Lyla was missing. Seriously people, try a phone next time. At any rate, they told Dig that Lyla was chasing down Deadshot when she disappeared and they wanted Dig to go to Russia and bring Lyla back. Dig was fully prepared to go handle it on his own, but Oliver wouldn’t have it. He and Felicity dropped what they were doing to go help Dig find Lyla. After a few explosions, shootouts, and general butt kicking, Dig (with some help from his friends) retrieved Lyla and everyone made it back home in one piece.



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