CSI Season 14 Review “Helpless”

This was one of those episodes of “CSI” that can often be a lot of fun and a nice respite from the more serious fare they typically offer- or at least it seemed that way at first. On “Helpless,” we got a guy who rolled up into a neighbor’s lawn in one of those giant hamster balls: think something like “Bubble Boy,”only gone horribly wrong, as this particular guy was stone-cold dead. Naturally, it was up to the gang to figure out what the hell happened, which led to some out-there stuff in the same neck of the woods as the episodes about furries and the various ones involving the fetish community with Lady Heather.

So far, so good. This part of the episode was goofy and fairly unpredictable, involving people into something called claustrophilia, aka people who get off on being trapped in small, confined spaces. I can’t say I was even aware such a thing existed, so that alone made it kind of interesting. It got even crazier when it was revealed that a person of interest in the case had voluntarily opted to put herself in a box to be shipped to the victim’s house. (With the recent passing of the legendary Lou Reed, I couldn’t help but think of this.) That didn’t end so well, either. (Nice crack about her arriving “postal-mortem,” BTW!)




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