American Horror Story: Coven Season 3 Review “The Axeman Cometh”

On the latest “American Horror Story: Coven,” we met a new character in “The Axeman Cometh.”Last season, the show overplayed its hand somewhat by offering several serial killers in the same season, but this time around, I didn’t mind it as much. For one thing, it was used in a clever way that tied into the plot perfectly, and unlike last season, it was essentially the first such character they introduced, although I suppose you could count Madame LaLaurie, technically. (We’ll get to Hank in a minute, as he was a bit different from the others, being a hired hand and all.)

Here, it was actor Danny Huston, as the Axeman, who was like a character out of a film noir: part-time saxophonist, part-time killer. A sax-man who doubled as an axe-man, get it? Keeping his axe in the same case he put his sax, he stalked his prey by night after late night gigs in the Quarter. He was also a bit of a publicity hound, collecting articles about himself, and contacting the local paper to let everyone know, if they played jazz music, he’d skip paying them a visit, which is kind of a neat, oh so NO caveat I liked very much.

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