Legend of the Seeker

The show was pretty good but I just read the books oh my god there so good. There thrilling and thought provoking. they are not just entertaining but also quite intellectual.



Jul 20, 2009 10:23AM EDT

I love the series. But after I read the books, the series just aren't that good anymore.

Default avatar cat
Jul 27, 2009 9:12PM EDT

I have to agree the books are quite clever in dealing with parallels of issues that we still face today. The show itself could benefit greatly by cutting back on the action and dealing with the deeper issues that underly the conflict within the books. Especially if the writers bring in the Imperial Order in season 2 they could definitely expand the audience by taking an approach similar to that in the batman movies where action sequences and battles serve as a means to analyze the philosophical questions which drive the characters. A more intellectual approach would probably give the series considerably more meaning and relevance by allowing people to relate to the larger questions the characters face. It would also allow the series to become more than just and action adventure fantasy show which could certainly allow for an expansion of the audience base.

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