Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “My Brother’s Keeper”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water returned tonight with “My Brother’s Keeper”, as the newly merged Kasama tribe has to deal with one of the game’s most powerful players being out of the game. I definitely wasn’t expecting Aras to go as soon as he did, and apparently Vytas and Tina felt the same way. I definitely didn’t expect Tina to be as upset as she was. You’d think that as a veteran, and a winner of this game, she would have been a little more tolerant of someone making such a big move. You have to appreciate that getting rid of a major player is a smart game move, and to already threaten somebody with the loss of their jury votes just sounds silly. I realize that Tina has also won this game, but the game has changed drastically since season two. It’s apples and oranges.



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