The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Sorry For Your Loss”

Dealing with family is always so complicated. It’s not that you don’t love them. You do, and that’s the problem. It’s so much easier to see clearly when your vision isn’t clouded by your emotions. This week’s The Tomorrow People was all about family and how far you’re willing to go for someone that you love.

We’ve spent some time learning about Stephen, John, and Cara over the course of this season, so this episode rounded out the leadership team by telling us about Russell. Russell and Stephen were at a pool hall hustling players when they ran across a girl named Piper. They figured out fairly quickly that Piper was one of them, but when they tried to talk to her she pretty much kicked their butts and ran away. While Russell and Stephen were trying to convince John and Cara to go after Piper, Tim interrupted with news that Russell’s father had just died. After some consideration, Russell decided to go to Seattle for the funeral. John decided to go with him and help him avoid Ultra. Along the way, we found out why Russell left home.



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