Scandal Recap: The Monster Who Loves You


Who the hell is Adnan Salif?


This week, in a moment of vulnerability and drunkenness, Olivia admitted what we’ve all known for two seasons: She can’t form attachments to people, and it’s sort of ruined her life, or at least brought her to a place where she’s self-medicating by replacing her blood with wine.

There’s definitely a psychological component to people constantly feeling the need to fix things, but what’s always been interesting about Olivia is how pragmatic she is about choosing what to fix while largely ignoring any work she might do on herself. She’ll handpick her team based on which aspects of their lives she can mend, from abusive husbands to homelessness to insider trading. And she chooses clients based on the practicality of their cases turning out favorably, even when she doesn’t necessary believe in their innocence. But she rarely examines her own issues. Olivia fights for the outcome, but she’s not always invested in the emotional process of getting there. It’s strange and cool to watch her work, knowing how much tension is roiling beneath the surface, but sometimes you just want to grab her and say, “Someone told you none of this is your fault, right? Because maybe you need to hear it.”  Read More...


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