The Legend of Korra Recap: A New Spiritual Age


A wise man (OK, Max Bialystock from The Producers) once said “When you've got it, flaunt it!” This is wisdom Legend of Korra knows well; with the show's original animation team, the meticulous artisans of Studio Mir, back in tow, and an episode set in a surreal universe where anything goes, “it” was flaunted and then some.


Last week, Korra and her surrogate sister Jinora fell down a dragonfly bunny hole to the spirit world. In “A New Spiritual Age,” connections to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland grew beyond resemblance to full-blown allusion as the duo took their first steps into the parallel universe. Korra arrives with a Queen of Hearts in her crosshairs, the religious zealot Unalaq who is bent on spreading darkness across the land. But in Carrollian tradition, she first had to run into the inhabitants of Wonderland.  Read More...


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