The Mentalist Season 1 Episode 20

Yesterday it was Castle and today it is The Mentalist. Both shows share obvious similarities, starting with that they each have a crime to be solved at the center of their episodes each week, but that’s not really the reason we tune in and watch the show. The reason we do, is to see the main characters - here Patrick Jane - work their magic and have fun doing what they do, all the while solving that crime of course.

But if in both cases the solving of the crime isn’t really the most interesting part of the episode or even the reason we watch the show in the first place, it still matters of course. What does matter, is that it doesn’t suck, that it’s not completely boring and not making any sense, it needs at least that much not to spoil the whole fun. Unfortunately, this episode suffered from that same weakness/problem as did Castle on Monday…

First off, and that one might be just be, but I never liked it when Jane just pulls off the hypnosis card, when he can just get someone to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth just by snapping his fingers. Partly because I don’t believe this can be done like that, especially not while playing a video game, and also because it’s too easy, it’s a cheap trick to get info and move things forward without having to come up with a good explanation on how it’s done.


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