The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 17: "Carnelian, Inc."

Teresa tells the team about an email that the attorney general received that details a possible murder in the near future. Teresa tells Patrick to go to the Mojave to investigate and he makes the rest of the team join him. Teresa tells Grace to stay behind and answer phones. The team arrives at the coordinates in the email and Patrick talks about how the desert used to be a great sea. Teresa decides that they should leave since nothing has happened. A body then falls from the sky.

Cho discovers the victim is a man named David Whitaker and he was one in a party of six casual sky divers. Cho says the group were all CEOs of Carnelian Trust. Patrick and Teresa talk to the sky diving instructor and he tells them that the parachutte was tampered with. He says that the parachuttes are not assigned and the divers just randomly grab one as they board the plane. Teresa tells the other sky divers that they will be in touch. Teresa tells Wayne and Cho to go to the airport and look for a list of people that had access to the parachuttes. Grace then calls and tells Teresa about a news story. She and Patrick drive to the ranch and find the group of CEOs watching the report of the killer continuing his threats against the other Carnelian CEOs. Teresa tells the group that they are in danger, but they refuse to leave. The CEOs ask Teresa for updates on the case, but Teresa says they are still investigating. Patrick asks the group what the worst thing is that they've done lately. Falk admits that the economy has forced him to put tens of thousands of people out of work. They offer to give the detectives a register of all the people who have filed complaints against them.

Cho and Wayne obtain a list of all the people that had access to the airport the night before the murder. Grace cross checks the names against Carnelian complaints and finds a match to a man named Lee Skelling. Wayne and Cho go to Lee's house and arrest him. Lee's son comes out with a gun, but Lee tells him to put it down. They bring Lee in to the station and Cho reads the threatening letter Lee sent to Carnelian. Lee admits that he wrote the letter in a moment of anger. He says Carnelian stole form him. He explains that he worked for one of their manufacturers and they had a deal that offered employees a $50,000 bonus if they came up with an idea. Lee says he came up with an idea that saved the company millions. He says he had the contract in writing, but they never paid up and fought him with their lawyers. Lee tells Cho that he didn't mess witht he parachuttes. He says he didn't even know the CEOs were jumping the next day. Cho points out that Lee's military experience would make him familiar with parachuttes.


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