The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 8: "The Thin Red Line"

An officer arrives at a shooting scene at a hotel. He enters the room and finds two dead bodies. Patrick, Teresa, and Grace then arrive at the scene and learn that one of the victims, Purcell, was a state's witness in an upcoming trial. The detectives are told that it is imperative that they solve the case and that they have to work with the Davis Police Department to do so. They see a bag of white powder that is at first believed to be cocaine. After Patrick notices a baby bottle and a hotplate, he says that the powder is not cocaine. Teresa finds that it is powdered milk. Patrick takes the keys from the dead woman's hand and goes to her car where he finds a baby inside.

Patrick asks Teresa what will happen to the baby and she says social services will take the baby. The detectives meet with Detective Presario and Dale Blakely, the Davis County Chief of Police and father of Sam Blakely, the officer who discovered the bodies. Patrick asks how they could let a witness be killed. Blakely says that he is confident that the killer is Rick Harris, the man who the witness was going to testify against in court.

Patrick hands Teresa a bridal magazine that he found in the car. They see that it wasn't addressed to Patrice, the murdered woman in the hotel, but a different woman named Lacy. They go to the address on the magazine and meet Lacy. She says that she knew Patrice for a few years. She says the last time she saw Patrice, she was meeting with Joe who had called her and asked her to bring him some food. Patrick asks why Patrice took the baby with her. Lacy says she was drinking and she didn't want to leave Kaylee with her. Patrick asks how Patrice paid the rent and Lacy says that she just always had money. Teresa asks if she was into drugs and Lacy says no, the drugs they were busted with were hers. She says that Patrice was able to get her drug charges drop and always had someone looking out for her. Lacy says that Patrice was dating a skinny, tough guy, with dark hair with a blue car. Wayne calls Teresa with a location on Rick. Before they leave, Lacy asks if Kaylee will be brought back to her house. Teresa says no.

Blakely and Presario meet with Wayne and Cho at Rick's location. The Davis police take over the mission and Cho tells Teresa that he thinks they are out for blood. The officers enter the building with their guns drawn while Patrick stays back. A man runs out of the building and Patrick blocks the fence with a cement bock. The man crashes into the fence and is apprehended. The local police want the detectives to hand Rick over, but Teresa says no way.

Teresa and Cho interrogate Rick. He says that he didn't kill Purcell and Patrice. The detectives ask about his upcoming trafficking trial. Rick admits that the charges were huge, but he has angels looking out for him. Cho plays a message from Purcell's answering machine where Rick threatened to kill him. Rick says that he didn't kill him because he didn't know where he was. Rick says that he was at a tavern with Sasha the cocktail waitress. He points out that they have no murder weapon or witnesses. Teresa becomes annoyed and says that she will hand him over to the Davis PD.

Wayne finds out that Rick's alibi checks out. Patrick says that he didn't think Rick was responsible for the murders. He suggests that Patrice was the actual target of the murder. He says that she always had money and was able to make a drug charge disappear. Patrick says that it sounds like Patrice had a cop boyfriend and that he may have been jealous finding her with another man.

The detectives want to investigate Presario for the killings, but Teresa warns the detectives to proceed with caution. Teresa and Wayne meet with detective Presario and tell him they have some questions for him. He becomes angry. Teresa tells him that they could have taken him from his office and made a scene, but out of respect they are approaching him in the open. He agrees to be interviewed.

I would think in a situation like that Sam would have been better off telling the truth, but then that wouldn't be much of a show. I like when the CBI team sets people up. Using manipulated security footage to make Sam think someone saw him shoot and kill the victims was a pretty good trick. I don't quite understand why Sam would shoot the "man" parked outside the warehouse without seeing him first. I guess his shoot first ask questions later approach is what got him into his mess to begin with. There was a minor scene where Patrick asked Grace why she was so nice. I never really thought she was very nice to Patrick. Last episode, she used his family's death against him to try to convince him to believe in psychics. Maybe Patrick was alluding to her just pretending to be nice, but actually being quite the opposite. Anyway, it must be hard to work with someone who can always tell when you are lying.


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