The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 5: "Red Scare"

As soon as the introduction sequence played out, I was excited at the thought of seeing how Patrick Jane and more down-to-earth Lisbon would deal with a spooky case.

I knew Lisbon would not believe in ghosts but what about Jane? Would he believe in them for real or would he fake believing in them for the case or would he not believe in them at all?

This spooky episode, perfect for Halloween time, also finally (!) gave us some relationship advancement between Rigsby and Van Pelt.

About mid-episode, Jane claims that spirits are smoke and mirrors and that's all that they are. This fact added to his answer to the question Foster's wife asked at the end of the episode clearly shows that Jane doesn't believe in spirits and ghosts. No matter his beliefs, Jane says that if someone thinks ghosts exists then, they do for that person.

It makes sense that Jane doesn't truly believe in ghosts since he is not a real medium. It's also no surprise that he is opened to others believing in spirits since Jane is pretty much opened to anything and everything, which comes in handy when he helps on a case because he doesn't have a closed mind.

In the hope it will help break the case, Jane plays along and asks the team to question suspects about Beckworth's ghost. Of course, Lisbon wants nothing to do with ghosts and orders the team not to ask this type of question. Lisbon should know by now that when Jane is set on something, he'll find a way to make it happen.

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