Glee Season 5 Review “The End of Twerk”

So, Mr. Schue twerked, and it was horrible. That said, this week’s Glee wasn’t as terrible and offensive as I had feared, and things actually came together for once in spite of all the Miley Cyrus nonsense. We were even treated to a couple of rare solos, this week from Unique and Marley in two emotional turns.

Starting with New York for a change, I LOVED Kurt and Rachel’s storyline. This feels like exactly the right way to deal with Finn’s passing without letting it dominate every week, and any excuse for Rachel and Kurt to be silly and carefree together is welcome from me. The Funny Girl number was great, the tattoo reveal was very moving and having Kurt actually address his change in character recently made sense given what’s supposed to have happened. The only thing missing was Santana, and it would have been perfect.



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