Reign Season 1 Review “A Chill in the Air”

The slightly boring love story of Reign became not just a triangle, but a square, in this episode, ‘A Chill in the Air’, and Mary and Francis are going to have to work a lot harder than we thought to reach their historically determined alter. That’s if the show doesn’t just ignore historical fact and do whatever the heck it wants because, let’s face it, it’s not as if we’re watching a documentary here.

The big catalyst for teen drama was the arrival of Olivia, an old flame of Francis’ who was caught in bed with him some time earlier. This means that, while Francis’ reputation remains intact, Olivia has been socially exiled as a strumpet now unfit for marriage. At this point, her only option is Francis, and she’s returned to France to fight for him. It’s sad that this comes at a point when Mary and Francis were just about ready to declare their love for one another but, hey, that’s teenage court drama for you.



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