Parenthood Season 5 “The Ring” Review

In this week’s episode of Parenthood, we got back on the campaign trail with Kristina (bummer), Amber worried about the cost of her ring, Zeek adjusted to life without Camille and poor Victor just can’t catch a break.

The Kristina for Mayor camp started out riding a major high, as it was revealed that she was within just two points of Bob Little. Always keeping it real, the Parenthood writers had Bob do what many politicians do when they find out the opponent they underestimated is rapidly closing in on them – they get dirty. Thanks to a few unfortunate, but innocent photos, Adam and Kristina found that their personal life had replaced the election issues as the central focus in the campaign. I was absolutely shocked that Bob would even go there. After all, Kristina knows about his dirty little campaign secret – Amber. The public would not look well upon a candidate who started canoodling with a staff member and gave her a promotion.



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