The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 9: "Flame Red"

So, on to the episode! Jane starts off this week with one of his favorite activities, messing with Lisbon. He tells her to think of a shape within a shape and project the image onto the back of his mind. After a dramatic pause he declares that she was thinking of a triangle inside a circle, and of course he's right. He then teases Lisbon about knowing all her innermost thoughts and she gets all flustered because she has a massive crush on him. These shenanigans come to an end, though, when Cho tells the team about a suspected arson murder on a farm in Marquesa, a nearby county. Way to kill the mood, bb.

They all head out to the farm, which is actually a field of dead cornstalks. The local police chief, Chief Pillar, explains that they couldn't put the fire out in time because of a drought plaguing the county. The victim was Rich Garcia, and he was burned to death in his car. When they approach the vehicle Pillar gets a bit verklempt, and Jane comments that it must be hard to bury someone he served with. See, Jane figured out that Rich and Pillar were in the National Guard together when his hair noticed Pillar's signet ring. Rigsby starts investigating the wreckage, since he is apparently an arson specialist. After a minute he finds a piece of the garage door that was locked from the outside, meaning that it was arson. They wonder where the arsonist would have watched the fire from, since they like to do that, but as usual Jane is two steps ahead of everyone. He climbs behind a scarecrow and wiggles the arms around, saying that the killer hid there while the garage burned. He's a clever one, that Jane.

While neighbors file into the Garcia house with I'm-sorry-for-your-loss food dishes and Jane plays around on a tractor, Rigsby briefs the team on what his maaaaaad arson skillz have discovered. He says that it was a pretty high tech job that used timers and rocket fuel and all sorts of other fancy arson-y things. Lisbon sends everyone off to investigate something or other while she, Jane and Pillar talk to Rich's widow. Her name is Susan, and Jane's hair notices some lingering hand-to-hand contact between her and Pillar. Meaning they're knocking boots. A man named Ben Muchado says goodbye to Susan before he leaves, and we learn that he was also in the National Guard with Rich and Pillar.

Jane wanders around while Lisbon talks with Susan, sneaking a few brownies as he goes. He finds his way into the kitchen and we meet Rich's daughter Maddy. She's seriously rocking the teen angst, down to the fingerless black gloves and emo music and bad attitude. Ah, Maddy, a mere 24 hours ago I could have empathized with you, but now you are so childish to me. She tries to blow Jane off with the whole "my dad just died" thing, but he proceeds to belittle her suffering until she's pissed enough to talk to him. She says that her dad took down all his old "military crap" a while ago, though she has no idea why. When Jane asks if her mom would know, she says "Pfft! No." It appears that a good deal of her teenage angst is directed towards her mother. That's usually how it goes.

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