The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 12: "Redrum"

The CBI team investigates the case of a missing teenage boy named Cody Elkins who's shoe suddenly appeared in the street. The local police say that they now suspect that the case has turned into a homicide. Patrick walks outside, takes a large rock and repeatedly tosses it up in the air. A group of young boys watch him in amazement. Patrick asks them why they are there. He then asks the boys to look in the direction of the missing boy. One boy looks over at a group of circling crows.

The CBI team heads into the woods. Teresa asks Patrick how he knows Cody's body is there and he says that the boys told him. He says they smelled like eucalyptus and there is eucalyptus growing all over there. He then points to the crows and says they usually circle dead things. The detectives find the body. Patrick picks up a pentagon and tells Teresa that it is a symbol of black magic. She tells him that there is no such thing as black magic.

The local police arrive at the scene and take the body away. Wayne tells them to be on the lookout for the murder weapon. The detectives then go to Cody's family. They say they saw him last when he went to bed. They say that when they woke up the next morning, Cody was gone. They say that he was fine the night before, but was a little upset about his last football game. Cody's dad says his coach was a little mad at him. They then ask how Cody died and Cho tells them they saw signs of black magic around the body. Cody's mom then says that it must have been Tamzin Dove, a girl who tells people she is a witch. She says that Tamzin accused Cody of stealing her cat.

The detectives split up and Cho, Teresa, and Patrick talk to Tamzin while Wayne and Grace talk to the coach. Cho, Patrick and Teresa arrive at Tamzin's house, but no one answers. Patrick finds a bent wire and suggests that he break in. Teresa tells him no. The young boys then pull up on their bikes and Patrick says they should talk to them, but the boys quickly leave.

Wayne and Grace talk to the coach. He says that Cody had a shaky game the night before he died. He says that they were supposed to have a meeting to discuss his errors. Grace tells the coach that they know he was fired in the past for inappropriate physical contact. He tells them that he only smacked a couple of kids because their parents wouldn't. He then says he took anger management classes. Wayne and Grace go into the locker room and toss a ball around. They then open up Cody's locker and find a blood stained shirt.

Teresa tells Patrick they have a warrant on the way and can enter the house. Cho wants to wait outside, but Teresa tells him to go inside. The detectives walk in and see Tamzin at the table. She says she was expecting them. She says that someone set up the crime scene to make it look like witchcraft. She says that she figured they would go to her since she is the only witch in town.

Teresa asks Tamzin how she knew about the details of the artifacts around Cody's body. She says that the kids in the neighborhood told her. Teresa asks why the kids were in the woods. She says they were picking herbs for her. Patrick looks around her house. Tamzin says she makes herbal concoctions that she sells on the internet. Tamzin then says Cody deserved to die for stealing, torturing, and killing her cat. She says that people who don't understand Wicca fear her. She then says that she put a killing spell on Cody. Patrick asks her to describe the spell.

Wayne and Grace call the coach in to the station. They ask why his blood was on Cody's shirt. The coach admits that he hit Cody. He then says that Cody hit him first and he was a nutbag. He tells the detectives to talk to Daniel Brown.

Tamzin shows the detectives a sample spell, explaining that the killing spell can not be made public. Patrick tells her to use Cho's name in her spell, making Cho nervous. Teresa tells Tamzin that Cody was killed by a blunt instrument so her spell didn't really work. Tamzin says that the murder was set up to look like a witch killed him. The detectives then leave. Teresa says they should ignore Tamzin and wait for her to talk to them. Cho tells Patrick he is mad that he gave her his name to use in the spell. Patrick tells him to relax because there are no such things as witches.

Cho tells Wayne about the spell. Wayne tells Cho not to worry. They then see Daniel Brown and try to ask him some questions. Daniel takes off and nearly gets hit by a van. Cho looks up and sees a lion logo painted on the van. He remembers that the spell mentioned the lord of beasts. Cho believes the spell on him worked. The detectives bring Daniel in and ask him about the fight between him and Cody that put him in the hospital. Daniel says the fight wasn't that bad. He eventually tells the detectives that they were playing cards and Cody got mad because someone said something about his mom.

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