The Walking Dead Season 4 Review “Live Bait”

He’s baaaa-aaaack!

Yes, after being conspicuously absent from the first five episodes of this fourth season (save a brief cameo last week), The Governor made his big return in tonight’s Walking Dead installment “Live Bait”. We all knew he’d be back eventually, but how he returned and why were always the more interesting questions.

The episode opened with a flashback, as we see what happened immediately after The Governor slaughtered all of the Woodbury folks in last season’s finale. Seeing all of those poor, innocent people splayed all over the field was just as affecting tonight as it was last season. The long shot with Woodbury burning behind The Governor was a little gratuitous, though. It seemed like they just threw that cool looking shot in so they could use it for promotional purposes (and as you can see by the above picture, it worked).



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