The Mentalist: Season 1 Epsidoe 5: "Redwood"

The officer's dog suddenly stops and the detectives realize the trail has run cold. Patrick says that the distance the dog went from the car was too far for Nicole to have run so he believes that she was abducted and is either captured or dead. Patrick asks the sheriff if there's anyone joining the search team who would be asexual predator. Teresa explains that men often like to join the search party for the person they've victimized. The sheriff vouches for all the men he works, then changes his mind to vouch for most of them.

Wayne and Cho go to Nicole's boyfriend Jason and question him about his whereabouts the night the girls went missing. Jason tells them that they were having a party to celebrate his and Nicole's engagement. He says that he had too much to drink so Kara drove Nicole home. He tells them that he passed out and was on the floor of the bar the whole night, but says he has video of the party to prove he's innocent.

I thought the show did a good job of keeping me guessing. I didn't really suspect Nicole was the killer, but I thought maybe Jason was. I don't understand why Patrick didn't just tell Teresa that he was planning on using the music on Kara's ipod to trigger Nicole's memory, I'm sure Teresa would have approved. It must be annoying to work with someone who always goes off alone and keeps information to himself. I suppose Patrick doesn't want to say in case he's wrong. He probably wants to maintain the illusion that he's always right.


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