Homeland Season 3 Review “A Red Wheelbarrow”

Screw it, I’m back in.

Look, I know all the reasons I shouldn’t be in. Carrie continues to jeopardize missions of national importance for her one true love. Saul’s reasoning regarding why his Javadi plan will work sounds really stupid when coming from the Director of the CIA. Carrie is pregnant with Brody’s child. The list goes on. Many parts of this show are really bad, even distressing. I have no intention of trying to defend any of it. Carrie running into the night to stop a lawyer from killing some schmo in a hotel room is indefensible. I know that very few other people with an internet pulpit will join me. As a matter of fact, I would expect most of them to deride this episode as yet another misstep in a season full of them.




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