The Mentalist: Season 2 Epsisode 2: "The Scarlet Letter"

The Mentalist gets political. Jane and Bosco clash again over "Red John" murders.

This summary will be broken up into two parts. The first section will be important information you need to know about the ongoing "Red John" case, and the second section will be a summary about a murder case.

In this episode Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) confronts Sam Bosco (Terry Kinney) twice about the "Red John" murder investigation. In the first confrontation, Jane is in Bosco’s office without permission. Bosco indicates that he knows his pass-code was hacked by Jane in the previous episode. Jane knows Bosco has new evidence about the "Red John" murders, and asks to see the file. Bosco denies Jane, and compares him to a "crack addict" about to get a hit. Before leaving, Jane states that "Red John" doesn’t make mistakes, and any new evidence is left on purpose.

The second time Jane intrudes on Bosco, he brings him a gift of donuts in a bright pink box. Jane tells Bosco that he will no longer interfere with the "Red John" case, and that it belongs to Bosco. Bosco acts like he believes Jane and says thank you. Once Jane leaves, Bosco orders a subordinate to get rid of the box of donuts. The viewer’s sight is then directed to below the desk where Jane was standing. A small device with a blinking red light is shown. The last scene of the episode is of Jane laying on a couch, looking up at a stain on a ceiling that looks like Elvis, listening to what is said in Bosco’s office with a device in his ear.

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