Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review “Think Lovely Thoughts”

Once Upon a Time was on fire last night with a Pan-centric revelation that likely blew more than a few viewers’ minds. After a trip to Rumplestiltskin’s childhood, we discover that his father was a self-centered, ne’er do well who was unlikely to win any father of the year awards. Sound familiar?

Rumple was the big focus of this episode. We see that as a child, all he wanted was the love and care of his father. Unfortunately, his father was too selfish and immature to look after himself, let alone a child. He leaves Rumple with two kindly crones who show the young boy how to spin. Of course, this becomes the origin of Rumple’s ability to spin straw into gold. One of the women gives Rumple a magic bean and tells him that it can open a portal to anywhere he wants to go. He immediately brings it to his father, who is reluctant at first to use it. Then his father recalls a magical place from his childhood, where all you have to do is think happy thoughts and they come true. They drop the bean and teleport to Neverland.




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