Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Review “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

Is Vincent dead? Probably not. Is his relationship with Cat damaged beyond repair? That’s a definite maybe. A lot happened on this week’s Thanksgiving themed episode of Beauty and the Beast, ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?’, and none of it was particularly good. I mean that in the sense that Vincent and Catherine are left in decidedly sticky situations, because I actually liked this episode a lot more than I have done the show in a while. A holiday episode with a nice cliffhanger to stew over for a week? I like.

Almost all of the action took place at Reynolds’ Thanksgiving dinner, with Vincent and Cat going along in order to grill him about Muirfield, the FBI’s involvement and whether he’d help them find Vincent’s handler. Because Reynolds is actually the guy they’re looking for, this covert mission results in some hilariously veiled conversations – I swear at one point there were at least three coded conversations going on at once. In the end, when Gabe brings Tori to the house to drop off some files, Vincent flips and reveals himself as the beast ‘friend’ they’ve been discussing over cookies.



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