The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 10: "Red Brick and Ivy"

We open at the Stutzer Institute, part of Leyland University. A speaker speaks in front of a large group of people, and the slide in back of him informs us that this is the Annual Neuroscience Symposium. Sounds riveting. He goes on about how the main speaker, Alex Nelson, is basically the second coming of Christ while a suspicious-looking blonde woman listens in the back of the auditorium. Alex comes up to the stage when he's called, takes a sip of Poland Springs, and promptly drops dead. So I'm guessing that wasn't product placement. The suspicious blonde woman exits suspiciously.

Cut over to CBI headquarters, where Rigsby gets a call for Jane from someone named Sophie Miller. Initially Jane refuses to talk to her, but then he changes his mind and answers the phone. After the call he goes into Lisbon's office and asks if they can take a case in which someone is murdered on a state university campus. She says yes and he asks for a favor and next thing you know we're watching the suspicious blonde woman get interrogated by the local police. She's Sophie Miller, and up close it's apparent that her hair is about two shades too light for her skin tone. Sophie, put the peroxide down and back away slowly. The police inform her that they found hydrogen cyanide in Alex's water bottle, but she assures then that she had nothing to do with the poisoning. They also reveal that she had an argument with Alex right before the event and that they were divorced two years before. More interestingly, she was arrested for assaulting him twice and they both had restraining orders against the other. Even so, Sophie insists that they got past their personal problems in order to work together. Once she realizes that the police are pretty much convinced that she did it, she refuses to talk until her lawyer is present. Lisbon and Jane watch from outside of the room, and Jane assures Lisbon that Sophie is innocent. How does he know? "Because she told me," he says simply. "And she wouldn't lie to me." Oh, I see some back-story on the horizon!

Per usual, the local police are not happy about the CBI's interference. They're also a bit suspicious, since they know Sophie called the CBI headquarters earlier. More important, we learn that the CBI headquarters is actually called the Department of Justice, or the DOJ. Hey, thanks for not mentioning that until the tenth episode, show! Really helpful! Anyway, just as Lisbon is telling one of the cops that he is, in fact, her bitch, another cop arrives with one of a number of posters that were put up around Leyland's campus. It reads "PETA The Animal Equality League has seen justice served. The blood of innocent animals was on Nelson's hands and he has paid the price for his crimes." It also says that the AEL wants the animal testing at the Stutzer Institute to stop or they'll come after Stutzer next. Well that's not suspicious at all. Lisbon now stands with the chancellor of the university, Chancellor Stern (who was the introduction speaker we saw earlier), and Bossman, who STILL DOESN'T HAVE A GODDAMN NAME. Chancellor Stern gushes about what a brilliant neuroscientist Stutzer is and how the Institute is "the linchpin of the university." He wants this investigation over and done with, and Bossman is too busy kissing his ass to offer any objections. As soon as Chancellor Stern leaves, though, he yells at Lisbon for making them take this case. This guy's is an all-around winner.

A bit later, Jane thanks Lisbon for not telling Bossman that he insisted they take the case. Lisbon's pissed that she got in trouble and demands that Jane tell her about his past with Sophie. Looking very uncomfortable, Jane tells her that Sophie was his psychiatrist. Lisbon is shocked, since Jane always says that he hates psychiatrists, and can't really believe that Sophie managed to keep Jane in the room. "It was a locked room," Jane admits. Oh, that is some juicy back-story right there. Lisbon is still shocked, since the hospital stay wasn't on Jane's record. Apparently he went to great lengths to make sure that no one would ever find out about it. "I know there's nothing shameful about having a breakdown," he says, "but I've got to confess, I am ashamed of it." Aw, poor Jane. Lisbon thanks him for telling her and Van Pelt interrupts before things can get any more awkward than they already are.

Lisbon follows Van Pelt to ...


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