Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “I Run to You”

Those of us who were so sure Joel would be out of the picture on Hart of Dixie within a couple of weeks are still being proven wrong. With every conceivable obstacle overcome – finding out about Wade, having Lavon dislike him, getting writers block outside of New York – what could possibly break them up? At this rate, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Joel made it past Christmas without leaving Bluebell and, without the prospect of Zoe and Wade hooking up again, I can’t see a reason for him to go.

I really love how the writers have manoeuvred Zoe, Wade and Joel around to become a twisted trio as, like with the hostage plot in ‘I Run to You’, it means Zoe and Wade can spend time together without it being about romance. We’re back to the flirty banter that saw us through the first season, and it tides fans over until the time is right to rekindle things. I don’t hate Joel, either, though I can’t see him fitting into the show long-term. Maybe the show needs to introduce a legitimate love interest for Wade to balance things out?




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