The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 13: "Paint it Red"

A couple makes out in a office building. The man, Frank, takes the woman into the boss's office. The couple rolls around on the floor. The woman then looks over and sees a dead body. The CBI team is called to the scene. They find out that the body belongs to a man named Harry. They see that a painting is missing from the office, which belongs to A.P. Doucette. Teresa asks the couple why they were in the room and they say they forgot their phone. Patrick notices that the victim was hit on the head. He thinks that the attacker was caught off guard and grabbed something in the room to hit Harry in the head with. Patrick looks around the room and sees a heavy statuette on the desk. Patrick says that there is likely DNA evidence on the statuette. Frank is annoyed by Patrick and says he's just making guesses.

Patrick looks at how the victim's body is positioned on the ground. Patrick sees that Harry's shoe is lose from his foot. Patrick then tells the couple that he thinks they went up there to have sex. He says that it looks like they found the body and realized they had to call the police so they dragged the body, then locked the doors again to cover up the fact that they were in the room without permission. Patrick asks if there are security cameras in the room and Frank says yes. Patrick asks if he knows how long they have been off, who turned them off, and who else knew they would be off.

Grace tells Teresa about the missing painting. Teresa asks the team what they know about Harry. Wayne says he is a fool with his money. He also says that he was married to the boss's daughter. Teresa asks if they talked to the security team. Cho says they all knew Frank liked to use the office for sex and didn't think anything was strange when he asked to have the cameras turned off.

Patrick and Teresa talk to Harry's wife Stevie. She tells them that they were supposed to go out for dinner, but he suddenly canceled. Teresa asks what his job was and Stevie says he was a jack of all trades for her father. Patrick asks if her father liked Harry. Patrick then says that he knows her husband was a jazz musician. He explains that he saw Harry's fingers and could tell that he had wounds from playing an instrument. Stevie is impressed. Teresa asks why Harry would have been at the office at night. Stevie says she had no idea. She suggests that he may have found out about the theft and tried to stop it. Teresa asks if Harry could have been in on the theft and Stevie says no way because he knows nothing about art. She tells the detectives that Kathryn Hawkes buys the art for her father's collection and suggests they talk to her.

Teresa talks to Kathryn and asks who would be willing and able to steal and sell such a rare piece. She says that Shirali Arlov, a Russian oil baron, is the only one she can think of who would have the resources.

The team investigates Arlov and Teresa asks them to find out who his connections are. Grace tells Teresa that Harry had a past. She says he was previously in prison for stealing from his work. She then shows Teresa a check Harry cut to an art dealer named Rob Wallace. Patrick asks Grace to join him in questioning the art dealer.

Patrick and Grace arrive at a small town square. Patrick sees the gallery. Grace takes out her badge, but Patrick tells her to put it away for now. They walk into the gallery and look around. Patrick watches a young girl have her portrait painted. He then jokes with a woman that he can tell she's thinking his fiance is too young for him. Patrick starts to tell her that Grace was a student of his, but Grace stops him. Patrick then asks Wallace to do a portrait of his fiance. Grace protests, but eventually sits for the painting. Patrick asks where the bathroom is. He tells Wallace to make sure not to put Grace's eyes too close together and takes off.

The artist tells Grace she has an excellent nose. Grace asks how long he's lived there and he says all his life. He asks how long she and Patrick have been together and Grace says not long. He then tells her that Patrick seems like a jerk. Grace tells him she knows and assures him they aren't getting married. The artist tells Grace to look down and away. She does and he grabs a shotgun. He tells Grace to stand up.



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