'Bones' recap: A sperm donor and a botfly in 'The Dude in the Dam'

"Bones" tries to horrify and disgust its audience. But it may never have done so well than in "The Dude in the Dam." Why was it so nightmare-inducing? One word: Botfly.Prepare to retch again with this recap.Botflies are real, people!Sometimes, it's tempting to believe that "Bones" makes up some of its more disgusting scientific aspects. This is not the case with the botfly. The botfly is a real creature that lives in southerly regions and truly does lay its eggs under the skin of a host. It's gross. And it's very real.Generally, the host in question isn't quite as welcoming as Dr. Jack Hodgins. This lover of all things small and squirmy is instead ecstatic to have the opportunity to play host to a botfly as it reaches maturity. Angela is disgusted by all of this, but she is willing to stand by her man, even as he gives birth to an insect. Wendell...



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