'Castle' recap: Bloody diamonds in 'A Murder Is Forever'

"Castle" went back to the fun kind of murder in the most recent episode, "A Murder Is Forever." Yes, it was sad that a successful therapist and best-selling author got killed. But most of the episode's plot revolved around Castle and Beckett coming to an agreement on their new living arrangements.Also, there was an incredibly big diamond. What's more fun than that?Linus the Lion does not approveBeckett doesn't like Castle's lion. And, believe it or not, that's not a euphemism. He actually has a lion hanging on the wall of his bedroom. This lion is Linus, a regal killer whose photo Castle bought with the proceeds from his very first royalty check.Castle loves Linus. But Beckett finds the creature kind of creepy. Can a lion break up the couple?No, of course not. Although there's some friendly bickering throughout the episode, Castle eventually takes Linus off the wall and replaces him with some seashells from that...



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