Sleepy Hollow Recap: Skull and Void


Somewhere around all the Sally Hemmings jibber-jabber, “The Midnight Ride” started to lose me a bit. Normally there’s so much exposition flying out of people’s mouths on Sleepy Hollow that I find myself practically staring at their lips while they speak, hoping to catch and decipher everything they say. But as the episode’s climax approached, with Abbie, Crane, and Irving making a bunch of arts-and-crafts skulls in a Home Alone–y attempt to lure and trap the bad guy, the three of them went completely nonsequitur, debating just how decent a man the slave-owning Thomas Jefferson might have been. Did the writers run out of stuff for them to talk about? Was it that necessary for us to watch them papier-mâché some skeleton heads?  Read More...


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