'Ravenswood' 'Devil Has a Face': 'Our Town' in a town full of ghosts is how we like our irony

When we last left "Ravenswood," we were double-locking the doors and sleeping with the lights on. Here's hoping the scares keep coming on our new favorite show. The CurseEven after seeing Miranda last episode, Luke doesn't want to mess with the curse. But Remy, Caleb, Miranda and Olivia are plunging full speed ahead with their investigations. Miranda and Olivia look into Raymond Collins, who seemingly used to be romantically involved with Michelle Matheson -- and did not get along with her husband. They don't find the bloody knife that killed Charles Matheson in his chamber o'horrors but they do find his hair sample collection, including a drawer for the five teens killed in 1992 and a new drawer with Miranda's hair sample in it. Creeeeeepy. Naturally, by the time Caleb gets there to confront Uncle Ray, the hair is gone.Meanwhile, Caleb and Remy are off to talk to the brother of Caleb's doppelganger from way...



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