'Person of Interest' Season 3: Carter makes her move in 'Endgame'

"Person of Interest" finally dealt with its HR problem in a big way in "Endgame." After spending the first part of Season 3 focusing on Carter's singular mission to take down the corrupt cops organization, she made her move on HR in a mission that went off almost entirely without a hitch. Starting from the bottom up, Carter managed to set up a situation where it looked like the Russians and HR were turning on one another, and then use that against them. But after spending months playing the game by the book, she finally took the Reese and Finch route and enlisted Shaw's help to steal some of Reese's weaponry and use that to make it seem like the two partner organizations were turning on one another. At that point, it was just a matter of getting all of her ducks in a row. She convinced Peter Yogorov to give her a statement confirming...



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