'Supernatural' recap: Are both Castiel and Crowley embracing humanity?

So far, Season 9 of "Supernatural" has seen both angel Castiel and demon Crowley struggling with their newly-human(ish) states. But after Tuesday (Nov. 12) night's all-new episode, "Heaven Can't Wait," it would appear that both Cas and Crowley may not be struggling as much as we thought. Well, they sure aren't having an easy go of it, but they aren't as unhappy about it as we previously were led to believe.How did we come to that shocking conclusion that perhaps Cas and Crowley are both embracing their humanity? Let's back up a bit, shall we?At the top of the hour, we finally get to see Cas after Dean oh-so-unceremoniously shoved him out of the Men of Letters bunker due to Zeke's refusal to coexist with the wanted fugitive. We find Cas in civilian clothes, working at a convenience store, learning how to drink his coffee from customers. He's still in hiding from the angels...



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