Supernatural Recap: Flash of Pink


Although most people have not yet exploded, the threat remains a very real and terrifying possibility for us all. Unlike most other leading causes of death, exploding has a nearly 100 percent fatality rate. Modern medicine has made great strides over the years, sure, but let's be real: Doctors still aren't even close to being able to save somebody's life after he or she has exploded. So, in light of these startling statistics, it's frankly about time this issue received more awareness in mainstream pop culture, and thankfully, this week Supernatural dealt with the issue head-on. Before you protest that some issues are TOO serious to explore on a CW paranormal procedural-serial hybrid, please be assured that "Heaven Can't Wait" was the most tasteful portrayal of human explosion in recent memory. No, but really and for real now: This episode was borderline profound in the way it paired a gruesome demise with subtly devastating pathos. As Supernatural taught us this week, sometimes in order to truly explore the human condition, that human must explode.  Read More...


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