'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': 2 people head to Redemption Island

When we last left the "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" castaways, Aras was the victim of a "vicious blindside," according to the Jeff Probst Voiceover. We aren't sure we'd all it "vicious," but it was a blindside. KasamaVytas is congratulating everyone on the blindside, though he has sworn vengeance. Tina, meanwhile, is not taking it as well. Her "congrats" is less than sincere and she immediately says all the people who went against Aras now have five jury votes that won't go their way. As Tyson says, Tina's not really a "gamer" and she needs to stop acting like everybody is just going to be nice all the time. That may have been what happened in Australia, but that was a long time ago -- and also a bit of an aberration.But to Tina's credit, she tells Katie to play her own game and not feel like she has to bring her mom into her alliance...



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