'The Vampire Diaries' EP Caroline Dries and Paul Wesley clear up the Silas confusion: Is he alive, dead, cured, or aging?

The shocking reveals were a-plenty in last Thursday (Nov. 7) night's "The Vampire Diaries." Stefan got his memories back. Amara is the anchor for Tessa's spell keeping the Other Side intact. Amara's alive, and went straight for the cure even though it was running through Silas' veins. And all that was just in the last five minutes of the episode.In the wake of all the dramatic game-changing events that went down in "Handle With Care," one huge fact wasn't made all that clear, and left viewers wondering: What on earth happened to Silas now that Amara drained him of the cure? Is he alive, dead, cured, mortal, immortal, or something else entirely?Zap2it went straight to the "TVD" boss herself, executive producer Caroline Dries, while visiting the set in Atlanta to get some answers. "I feel like people were a little confused by that. But remember what happened with Katherine," Dries tells Zap2it. "Silas ingested...



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