'Arrow' recap: Diggle in prison with his wife and Deadshot in 'Keep Your Enemies Closer'

Be honest: Did you see any of that coming?"Arrow" went a little crazy with the plot twists in "Keep Your Enemies Closer," a Diggle-centered story in which the audience learned:a) Diggle used to be married.b) Diggle used to be married to Lila Michaels, his military-contractor friend.c) Isabel Rochev finds Russian-speaking men hot.d) Shado and Slade Wilson survived that assault on the island.e) Sara was a bad, bad girl back in the day.If you don't think what happens in Russia, stays in Russia and want to know more plot twists, keep reading this recap.Diggle and Lila, sitting in a tree ...You'd have to be blind not to notice that John Diggle and Lila Michaels were attracted to each other. But it turns out that there is so, so much more going on there. When Lila's boss at Argus, Amanda Waller, informs Diggle that the military consultant has gone missing in Russia, the truth begins to...



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