'X Factor' Top 12: Josh Levi owns '80s night

When we join "The X Factor," host Mario Lopez informs us that it's '80s night -- but he emphasizes hits from the nineteen-eighties, which really makes us wonder if he thinks anybody is confused it might be the eighteen-eighties. Meanwhile, the female judges are decked out in their best '80s attire, which is awesome. Scroogey old Simon, however, cannot be bothered to put a suit jacket on over his plain white t-shirt and rock a Crockett and/or Tubbs look. For shame, Cowell. However, we must eliminate someone first. You know, we hope they told the act who was eliminated last week when it actually happened so that he or she didn't have to rehearse all this week like normal. That just seems mean. Anyway, Carlos Guevara is eliminated and for once, America got it exactly right. He had a couple very rough nights, he shouldn't have advanced out of the four-chair challenge. He seems like...



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