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Is Lana gone?

Who's gonna be in next season?

Lex is bad now right?

Do u think the fortess is gone 4 good?

What do u think is gonna happen to Kara?

Who is doomsday?

Do u think we will see more of the J/L?

Is this enough ranting for u?

R u a tranny?


what happens in season 1-7?

u dont have to answer any of theses...


| 02:24 EDT, 01 Jun, 2008
HAHAHA!! oh ok...i musta missed that.... ;-)
| 16:57 EDT, 31 May, 2008
o and srry k-msck, i assumed u were a guy o_O so then SHE must have been working with u...or SHE picked u up off the =Dand paul said how would u know if he was a tranny...if u read the questions i was messing with paul and i asked him if he was a tranny...well this is an akward caption...i have to type Aids Markets...must be a new way to get!
| 16:55 EDT, 31 May, 2008
its actually not to bad...i mean it gets a bit confusing at times but the actors r funny at times, im also watching supernatural at the moment
| 13:12 EDT, 31 May, 2008
Well first of all...I'm a girl! lol and really confused! what did i know paul??oh well....and Kyle XY if freakin retarded!! its a horrible show.
| 08:48 EDT, 31 May, 2008
well im gonna move onto Kyle XY now, only have about 12 episodes left
| 08:44 EDT, 31 May, 2008
lol....he must have been working with u...or he picked u up off the streets... XD no i dont want the answers...i was just messing with Paul cuz he said he was glad i wasnt gonna be posting any more questions till next season
| 07:55 EDT, 31 May, 2008
lol, Kmack5678 how do you know if im a tranny??? ahh damn it, you must have seen the pictures....... i was young and so very drunk XD
| 23:19 EDT, 30 May, 2008
do you want all the answers??
| 18:54 EDT, 30 May, 2008
lol, i actually had all the answers typed up, but pc decided to take a dump, so couldnt be bothered to do it all again XD
| 16:54 EDT, 30 May, 2008
hope i didnt upset i was just messing around XD

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