Arrow Season 2 Review “State v. Queen”

Seriously with the crazy revelations Arrow?! One of the reveals I had a feeling was coming, but the others I must say shocked the heck out of me. It’s always nice when a show can pull that off.

The Count reappeared and he was just as nuts as ever. Maybe even moreso than than before. The last time we saw this particular villain, he was a mumbling, drooling mess thanks to Oliver causing him to overdose on his own designer drugs. He was locked away in a mental facility where a corrupt doctor was using him to create an even more powerful brand of Vertigo. The Count apparently recovered and escaped from prison during the earthquake so he could resume his business. This time, though, instead of just selling Vertigo, he laced the flu vaccine with Vertigo so that people would become addicted and go looking for more Vertigo. Supply and demand I suppose. The Count made the mistake of kidnapping and threatening Felicity. Let’s just say things didn’t work out exactly the way he’d planned. Vaya con Dios, Count.



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