American Horror Story: Coven Season 3 Review “The Dead”

I gotta hand it to “American Horror Story: Coven”- it really knows how to keep viewers guessing. In“The Dead,” we saw a host of dead folks living it up like there was no such thing as death, with no repercussions to speak of. Well, except for Madam LaLaurie, of course, but let’s face it: she had that coming, even after the fate worse than death she suffered all those years.

Ironically, I was just starting to vaguely like her as a character. I think maybe Queenie was, too, which is precisely why she realized LL had to go, stat. Well that, and a little sweet-talking courtesy of Marie Laveau, who used a little reverse-racism, so to speak, to woo miss Queenie to her side, by pointing out how she was never really going to fit in at the Academy with all those skinny white girls about. I don’t know if Queenie has entirely gone over to…gonna stop myself from saying the “dark side,” for obvious reasons, given the context- but you know what I mean: has Queenie gone Team Voodoo?



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