'Reign' star on the kiss that heats up the show's love triangle

So far on "Reign," The CW's sexy retelling of the story of Mary Queen of Scots, Mary's affections have been directed towards Prince Francis, the man to whom she's been engaged since they were children. But on Thursday's (Nov. 14) episode, "A Chill in the Air," the love triangle promised on the show's posters finally comes to fruition and her flirtation with Francis' illegitimate half brother, Bash, gets very real. "Mary's whole life has been about being engaged to Francis," star Torrance Coombs, who plays Bash, tells Zap2it. "She always knew he was the man she was going to be with so she's told herself she loves him and all these things. They actually do seem to have a connection. But then she and Bash share a moment and she suddenly starts to wonder what the other possibilities are, maybe kinda sorta. Certainly something that previously seemed unattainable for Bash suddenly seems like 'Oh, well,...



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