'Reign's' Megan Follows: 'Francis is long for the show but not long for the world'

Zap2it: How do you like playing the "wicked" Queen Catherine of France on "Reign" -- or is she so wicked?Megan Follows: I like it. It depends on your definition of wicked. She's a great part. She's powerful, and often when women are in powerful positions, they're called "wicked." She has to do a lot of surviving and negotiating to maintain her position.Zap2it: History tells us that her son Francis (Toby Regbo) eventually assumes the throne, but as the show begins, that hasn't happened yet. How much of Catherine's future depends on having a son as king?Megan Follows:That is her only future, her relationship to being the mother of the king, because being the wife of a king has not really guaranteed her any security.Zap2it: Her husband, King Henry II, isn't exactly a model spouse, so what kind of a marriage did they have?Megan Follows: No, he's not, although they had eight children, so obviously, whatever they...



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