'Sleepy Hollow,' 'Trophy Wife,' 'Sons of Anarchy': Rating fall TV so far

It's been a busy Fall, and The Boob Tube Dude all but stopped doing weekly episodic reviews for reasons laid out here. But with a lot of shows starting to wrap up their Fall runs, I thought I'd offer up some short takes on the shows I watch on a weekly basis. I almost thought about breaking down the shows I'm occasionally watching or have long given up on, but let's just say this has been an overall unimpressive lineup in late 2013. That approach saves you time and saves me from having to ice my fingers any more than I'll already need to do after typing all this out.I'll go night-by-night, which is as good an approach as any for something as wide-ranging as this. I'll cover Sunday-Tuesday now, and Wednesday-Saturday tomorrow.Notable Shows Not On This List Yet Still Require MentioningMy favorite show to watch right now is actually "The Good Wife," but I'm...



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