Parks and Recreation 6.06/6.07 Review: “Filibuster”/“Recall Vote”

Due to the ineptitude of NBC and its scheduling decisions, Parks and Recreation finally returned from it hiatus last night with a double feature, back to back episodes entitled “Filibuster” and “Recall Vote,” respectively. While both episodes were absolutely hilarious in their own rights (especially “Filibuster,” which featured a brief but very welcomed return for Andy), the main accomplishment of this double dosage ofParks and Recreation was its ability to illustrate just how determined, committed, and thoughtful Leslie Knope is as a person and councilwoman by having her filibuster Jamm in order to save the rights of everyone in Pawnee (even the former Eagletonians who promised that they would not use their right to vote for Leslie but instead to elect their own councilperson); however, not even ten minutes after Leslie experienced the incredible high of momentarily defeating Jamm, Parks and Recreation took that feeling of accomplishment and pride away from Leslie, as she discovered that she had been recalled by the citizens of Pawnee. In 30 days, she will no longer be the city’s councilwoman.



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