Grey’s Anatomy 1.09 Review: “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Callie centered episode on Grey’s Anatomy. Even with the drama of the cheating wife last year, she held nothing but B story lines. Callie is a strong but extremely vulnerable woman, and she makes for incredibly interesting stories. I’ve loved her since way back when she was dating and married to George (I miss George!). She has had an ungodly amount of ups and downs since then but I have always loved seeing her head held high even when she’s sobbing.

So, Callie is being sued. Not something that is completely unheard of but since this is the first we’ve heard of the case we get a lot of flashbacks. Now, it took me a bit to put a timeline in my head because some of it was slightly screwy. Callie gets a super star snowboarder who needs a hip replacement. He’s already had a heart valve replacement, but this time he’s hoping to get back to the Olympics. He asks for a very specific type of hip, and Callie admits she has never done one but will research it for him.



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